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141017 sinchon fansign

question: how do you feel when a noona calls you oppa?
n: ….wait…..are you a noona?
fan: do you think i’m a noona?
n: wouldn’t you be a noona if you asked this question? try calling me oppa once…
fans: *squeals*
n: then i think i will know (if you’re a…



나는 로빅이다. 오늘 #VIXX 요원들의 #ERROR 인기가요 첫 방송 사전녹화 참여와 본방사수로 응원을 보내준 별빛요원들 고맙습니다! 별빛요원들이 요청한 포즈로 찍어보았다.

I am ROVIX. Thank you Starlight Agents for supporting the VIXX Agents by participating in the pre-recording and watching the live for their first performance of ERROR on Inkigayo! They tried to take a picture with the pose Starlight Agents requested.

Hyuk (@HSangHyuk) Reply:

심쿵하자더니 주무시고 계시는 엔형켄형..

Tried to do heart palpitations but N hyung Ken hyung are sleeping..

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First seven days of Inktober! I pursued the theme ‘flowers/plants’.
That’s enough of that. Next personal theme for me will be animals.
I upload my inktober drawings daily on twitter.

K a n e k i  K e n ~ "I’m a Ghoul"  Ϟ

(TRANS) 141009 Chatting Event with Lay, Kai & Sehun


Full translation of Lay's, Kai's and Sehun's replies during the chatting event at the EXO-L official site.

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[TRANS] VIXX :: Error


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I threw it all away because there was nothing I could do.
I erased all of my emotions.
Because no matter how hard I try I can’t erase you. (Let me free.)
Because my feelings are so pathetic. (Let me breathe.)

I just have to keep living…